Behind the scenes of WordPress Themes

If your still a wordpress beginner you need to know that they are loads of themes that you can download and modify which will fit well with your own personal brand. As a beginner myself, i took the time to explore wordpress and find ways to style my website so that it fits my own personal taste. During the process i decided to try out three themes. The three themes i selected are;

  1. Beach
  2. Non-sense
  3. Sixties

If you’ve never visited my blog this is a glance of how it looked before;

my website before

Below are screenshots of the three themes and three selectors that i changed:

  1. Beach
website theme 1



css codes before


website theme 1 modified


after theme1

css code after

The changes selectors of the theme are as follows;

  • Font Family ( for all the text)
  • Width of both columns and side bar
  • Font Size of homepage title


2. Non- Sense

website theme 2

Before theme 2

css before

website theme 2 modified

theme sizzle

css code after

The changes selectors of the theme are as follows;

  • i highlighted the homepage title
  • i highlighted the first paragraph of the most recent blog post
  • Changed the width of the search box and highlighted it to red

3. Sixties

website theme 3


theme sizzle 2

css code before

The changes selectors of the theme are as follows;

  • Changed the height of posts/article boxes
  • Adjusted position of the box and size of wrapper.
  • Changed the box color from transparent to torquise
  • Increased font size, weight & text shadow of title
website theme 3 modified



theme sizzle 3

css code after


Hope you enjoyed seeing the three wordpress theme’s i chose to explore:)

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