Bring your images to life with Photo Editing

As you have may have already noticed in my previous blogs i enjoy photography. An image can speak for itself, however, sometimes you need to give to enhance it by photo editing. They are many photo editing websites and apps that you can use. Some of my favourite photo editing apps are Ipicky, Pixlr & Befunky;

Below are a few photos that i took and edited.

The first photo editing app that i used is BeFunky:

FullSizeRender (3)

The tools used for this photo are:

  1. Saturation
  2. Temperature
  3. Brightness


For this image i used Ipiccy:

The tools i used: ( I began with cropping the image)

  1. Brush – 62+
  2. lightness
  3. Saturation



For the image below i used Pixlr:

The tools usesd for this image;

  1. HDR scape
  2. Saturation
  3. Contrast



For the image below i used Snap Seed which is a mobile app:

The tools that i used for this image: ( i began with cropping)

  1. Saturation
  2. Brightness
  3. HDR scape



After going through this images you can clearly identify how photo editing plays a huge role in making the image look more appealing. I would highly recommend for you to try out this photo editing resources if you want to make your images more captivating.

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