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The above content social media calendar is for Brown Shoes ( retail footwear store). The calendar contains posts that will be carried out throughout a week during the Back to School season in the end of the summer.  The target audience for this campaign is Mothers.

I selected Facebook,Twitter, & Pinterest to carry out this campaign. The rationale behind my decision is as follows;


Today, Facebook is one of the most popular social platforms with over 1.5 billion active users. According to social times, 60% of women in Canada are Facebook users.  These facts have made Facebook an ideal platform for marketers to utilize when implementing their campaigns. In addition, brands that want to increase awareness and get their customers engaged will definitely get positive results if they strategically use Facebook.  Creating a Facebook page and regularly sending post is a smart way to constantly remind your followers about your brand.


Tweeting, Retweeting and Favouriting have become a daily routine of many people in Canada. According to social times, 22% of women in Canada have a profile on twitter. Twitter has conveniently made it easier for us to follow all our favorite sports, entertainment and arts accounts that we find interesting. Many brands have set up accounts to keep their fans always engaged and as a result they maintain their brand top of mind. In addition, brands can use Twitter to promote their new products and by getting their followers hyped about it. Furthermore, Twitter is a great tool when it comes to keeping followers engaged during events; this can be done by asking then questions or getting them to participate in contests or debates. These would all be strategies for brands to gain a strong social media presence.


Pinterest is relatively new compared to Facebook and Twitter. However, it is getting more popular by the day. According to the business to community article, 83% of Pinterest users are women. Most women use Pinterest to use Pinterest because of the captivating visuals. These visuals include products from brands that they like. This makes Pinterest a great platform if their mostly targeting women. The best way for them to get women to constantly be engaged is by posting their new offers which as a result will be pinned and share unique ideas which co-relate with their products.

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