Here’s why Memes are taking over social media

Iv always seen Memes here and there, however, iv never actually taken the time to really understand how they started or even how to make one. Today, i browsed through the web and went through a series of memes, i came across a couple which i had already seen on Facebook and Instagram. It got me really thinking about what is really a meme?

A Meme is a image, video or hyperlink than is replicated and spread throughout the internet. The most commonly used memes on social media are images, these images are usually altered by people. The images used could originate from movie characters, cartoon characters or even musicians.  In addition, any one of us could create a meme of our own based some our common expressions.

Below is an example of a meme that stood out to me:memeIf you didn’t notice already, the man in the image is Eddard stark who happens to be in the hit show Game of thrones. Using his picture and including the text “brace yourself winter is coming” makes this meme so relatable to many people especially the ones who live in countries that have a intense winters.

Learning about Memes made me want to try making one of my own. I decided go to meme generator and create one.

Here’s the meme i ended up generating:

my meme

The reason why i picked this meme is because i stumbled across the Monalisa picutre with the famous duck face which i found funny. And as i was looking at the image i instantly thought of the song, let me take a selfie by the Chainsmokers. This meme could potentially be replicated  by others on social media because both the image and the lyrics to the song are relatable. Also, most people who enjoy taking selfies would consider it to be humors and as a result share it with their friends on social media.

What do you think makes a meme memerobale?

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