How i think Tim Horton’s can improve their social media strategies

Almost every single day i visit Tim Horton’s to grab a cup of coffee, as a consumer i believe they have done an incredible job in marketing themselves in Canada and internationally. I was curious to see how their managing their social media accounts and the level of engagement they have with theirs consumers. To get this information i utilized social intelligence tools such as topsy, socialbakers & iconosquare.Furthermore, i wanted to compare the results i found for Tim Horton’s to other popular coffee shops such as Starbucks. The four platforms i will be comparing are Facebook,Twitter, Instagram & YouTube. The tools that i will be using to reviews the analytics are Social Bakers, Topsy, and Iconosquare.


After comparing both Tim Hortons and Starbucks, i believe that Tim Hortons would get more engagement if they a seasonal campaign on their facebook page such as Chrsitmas. Starbucks has definitely done a great job with making their page look more seasonal by have christmas themed profile and cover photos. However, Tim horton’s has more followers on their facebook compared to Starbucks Canada.



When it comes to twitter, i would suggest that tim hortons try increasing their engagement in order for them to be verified.

Just like i mentioned above for Facebook they need to have a seasonal campaign for Christmas.

tims twitter



Tim Hortons has a higher follower rate in instagram compared to Starbucks Canada

Tim Hortons has symbols of Canadian Hertige in its images. Also, it has an image of the famous Canadian actress Nina Dobrev drinking a cup of Tim’s coffee in her car

tims insta


Their YouTube channel also doesn’t have any seasonal vibe just like the other platforms. However, they have several videos which are from Tv commercials which have famous hockey players.

I tried to find the Starbucks Canada YouTube Channel but it seems that they don’t have exclusively for Canada.

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