How to have an effective marketing campaign on social media “Do’s” & Don’t

Social media marketing has become an important part of developing an effective marketing plan. Today, social media is used  by brands and companies to build awareness, promote new products/services and most importantly to engage with consumers. Throughout the years, social media has been proven to be effective because it reaches people from all over the […]

Discover three new digital terms

The three digital terms i will be describing today are: Click through URL CPL Cost per lead interstitial Lets take a look at the definition of each terms: Click through URL- ‘A destination website address that a viewer goes to when they click on an ad’ – See more at:” Whenever were on our […]

Understanding the SWOT Analysis and Marketing Segmentation

Have you ever wondered what a SWOT analysis and market segmentation is? This blog will give you an in-depth understanding of the differences between them and why business use them to be successful. The infographics and descriptions below will clarify each strategic model; Lets begin with SWOT Analysis: SWOT Analysis- is a technique that is […]

Images in mobile

  During the summer i was working at Metroland Media as a event marketing intern. Metroland is one of Ontario’s leading community media companies. Their main operations involve publishing newspapers, flyer distributions, events (B2B &B2C), digital platforms and magazines. Metroland focuses on placing ads that have valuable content in order to keep the readers engaged and […]