Who I am?


Tauheed Taher


I am a passionate event, experiential and digital marketer with exceptional communication and creative skills. With the knowledge and experience I possess, I have developed innovative marketing solutions for target audiences. My proficient internet marketing skills have empowered me to achieve outstanding results in various aspects such as; Google Analytic’s, SEO, Content Marketing, Email Marketing and Blogging.

My remarkable interpersonal and management skills have always enabled me to build solid relationships with consumers and co-workers. Since adaptability has been one of my core strengths, it has always driven me to be a stellar team player in groups. However, I am also capable of taking initiative when it comes to independent projects especially in competitive environments.

Always maintaining a positive outlook, I tend to work well under pressure and I am never afraid to undertake risks. I consistently have the willingness to learn and maintain professionalism in every task that is brought my way.